National Food Days: September Edition

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I always feel like I'm out of the loop on Instagram when it's a "national" food day and I'm not prepared! SO I'll be posting monthly "Food Days" and their respective IG hashtag counts for you guys. Here it goes for September! 

September 5- Cheese Pizza Day #nationalcheesepizzaday 3.5k posts
September 10- National Hot Dog Day #nationalhotdogday 51k posts
September 18- Cheeseburger Day #nationalcheeseburgerday 28k posts
September 22- Ice Cream Cone Day #nationalicecreamconeday 4k posts; #icecreamday 42k posts; #nationalicecreamday 219k posts
September 26- Pancake Day #pancakeday; 389k posts; #nationalpancakeday 75k posts
September 29- Coffee Day #coffeeday 125k posts; #nationalcoffeeday 385k posts 

See the full list from Refinery29 here