Portion Control Success: Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Coffee Squares

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I'm a big proponent of making your life as EASY as possible - set yourself up for success whenever you can! Planning ahead is of course key. I always try myself to buy pre-packaged portion controlled foods, or make my own small baggies (to save on excess packaging). I recommend clients do this as well. 

I love the individually-wrapped Ghirardelli squares, because they are a nice portion-controlled treat, but they can be a bit pricey! This past week at Trader Joe's I saw a new item: Dark (Chocolate) Coffee Squares- which are a great, cheaper alternative. Here are some pros and cons! 


  • Cost: These guys are $2.99 for the whole bag, compared to more than $4 a bag on Amazon for the Ghirardelli version
  • Taste: Chocolatey-melt-in-your-mouth goodness for sure. They smell strongly of coffee, but don't have a strong coffee taste
  • Nutrition Facts: One piece is 60 calories, compared to about 70 calories for Ghirardelli squares. Also, if you're feeling tired, these could possibly be a LITTLE bit of a pick-me-up (from the caffeine). 
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  • Smell: As I said, they are pretty pungent in terms of the coffee smell, which I don't particularly like, but it's not a huge problem! I would prefer plain chocolate squares.