Individual Guacamole Servings for the Win!

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Trader Joe's now has individual servings of guacamole "Guacamole to Go" - which are lifesavers! I never used to want to buy guac because it turns brown so quickly, but it's always in my shopping cart now :) 


  • Taste: Yum. It doesn't seem like there's anything else in there besides avocados from the taste 
  •  Cost: One box of 6 packets is $3.79- a pretty good price when avocados themselves are rising in price due to demand and the cost for me to cut, peel, and mash an avocado and/or add other ingredients to make guacamole is just not worth it! 
  • Nutrition facts: Best 100 calories (with 2 grams of fiber!) I've ever tasted! See full nutrition facts HERE
  • Ingredients: Only food ingredients here!  Hass Avocado, Distilled Vinegar, Water, Jalapeño pepper, Salt, Dehydrated Onion, Granulated Garlic


  • Packaging: the individual packets are not the prettiest nor are they the most useful for scooping out the guac. Something that squeezes out the guac or is in a sturdier package would be helpful for the next iteration! 

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Here's a simple RECIPE to put this delicious guac to the test! 

  • Ingredients: 1 cup cauliflower rice, 1 guacamole packet, 1 egg, 1 pepper chopped 
  • Steam on medium heat in a non-stick pan for ~10 minutes on low-medium heat. Enjoy!