Veggie Noodle Co. Zoodles Review & Recipe

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I love the idea of veggie noodles, often referred to as "zoodles" to shorten "zucchini noodles", and thank goodness grocery stores and companies have started making & selling them! Here's a review of one of my favorite brands "Veggie Noodle Co." 



  • Convenience: When I've tried to create noodles from veggies myself they never come out right! The zoodles are too short, I don't pick the right freshness of veggie, or I just get too tired of making them!  Convenience is a huuge plus.
  • Nutrition facts: Can't get much better than 10-70 calories per serving (compared to 200 for regular pasta!)
  • Ingredients: Just the veg. Nothin else!
  • Appearance & texture- raw: My favorite beet noodles are so juicy and crunchy raw. A lot of flavor! 



  • Appearance & texture- cooked: When cooked, the noodles can get a bit soggy. I prefer eating them raw for this reason! 



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Here's an EASY RECIPE using beet zoodles!  

  • Ingredients:  2 cups raw beet zoodles; 1/2 can salmon; 1 cucumber, chopped; 2 Tablespoons sesame dressing
  • Mix & consume ;)  I recommend eating the zoodles raw for best crunch! 


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