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College is a busy time (I know, you already know that!). Between homework, classes, and studying, there's not always enough time in the day to plan or cook elaborate meals, and we often find ourselves reaching for snacks (instead of even proper meals sometimes!). Here are some healthy but delicious alternatives to chips and cookies that can keep you full and focused. 



Fats are crucial to a healthy diet - they can help regulate hormone, keep you satisfied throughout the day, and can also help "lube the tube" (if you know what I mean). Here are some great snacks to keep you full.

Nuts: Throw them in a baggie, or opt for readily-made single-servings packs - roasted & salted is generally fine by me. Choose a variety of nuts to get all the benefits! 

Eggs: Did you know hard boiled eggs last a whole week? Make a dozen on the weekend (only peel them when you're ready to eat them). Just be aware of the smell haha! 

Cheese: I LOVE string cheese and other single-serving cheeses (like this cute little brie cheese in the picture). So filling and tasty! 

here are some of my favorite single-serving nuts




Protein Bars: Look for ones with the least amount of added sugar and the most whole ingredients - but that are still tasty! I'm linking to some of my faves below. 

Jerky: Seriously one of my favorite filling snacks. So tasty and great protein. 

Greek Yogurt or Skyr: These great single-serving options are full of high-quality protein, often probiotics, and are usually great sources of calcium. Opt for plain varieties and add your frozen fruit, or look for food companies who are using less added sugar!  

here are some of my fave protein bars

Prime Health Dietary Supplements, Inc. (thinkProducts)


Fruit: Grab an apple, pack a banana, or throw grapes in a bag for a pick-me-up throughout your day. Pair it with a string cheese or 1/4 cup of nuts to make it really filling! 

Popcorn: Popcorn is full of fiber to keep you full. Be mindful and buy options with little amounts of oil, or pop your own kernels! 

here are some of my fave to-go carb snacks

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