To-Go Breakfasts for Busy Days

If your anything like me, life is always on-the-go. Between classes, workouts, meetings, or even events it can be hard to catch your breathe and let alone eat a nutritious meal. Although I haven't mastered multi-tasking everything at once(I wish...) I have become great at putting together simple portable meals that are delicious and satisfying. 

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Option #1


One of the easiest ways to take your food on the go is to utilize portable containers

Breakfast idea: 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 container of Greek yogurt or skyr (look for low-sugar options) 1/4 cup pecans (or other nuts). You probably will want to swap out those veggies for fruit in the AM :) and I don't blame you! 

Here are some of my favorite to-go containers

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Option #2

Greek yogurt or skyr is a great option for busy mornings - it often comes in its own individual containers so you don't have to worry about portion control. Add some additional calories, protein, and flavor by using frozen fruit (let thaw first), nuts, and cinnamon. 

Breakfast idea: 1 container of Greek yogurt or skyr, 1/2 cup thawed frozen berries (I like raspberries), 1/4 cup or 1 ounce of nuts

Here are some of my favorite nuts to add to yogurt or skyr 

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Option #3

Toast is also great on-the-go. Avocado toast (could I be more basic, I know) is packed with good fats and fiber to keep you fuller for longer. I also love adding a hard boiled egg on top for some extra protein. 

Breakfast idea: 1 slice of whole grain toast, 1/2 mashed avocado or 1 packet of pre-made guacamole, I love this one (click here), 1 hard boiled egg, dash of salt and pepper. 

Here are some great ways tools to help with this recipe

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