Snack Smart on Nuts & Nut Butters


Has this ever happened to you? Too easily getting through half or an entireeee jar of peanut butter and then feeling guilty about it?

This ALWAYS happened to me before I switched to buying single-serving packages of nuts and nut butters. It is just TOO EASY to eat too much PB when you're eating from the jar. 

Instead of going overboard, look for these great options to grab and go while also keeping your servings in check! 


Nut Butter Packets


2 Tablespoon Portions

For larger meals and snacks I use the 2 Tbsp varieties.


1-Tablespoon Portions

For smaller meals and snacks, I use the 1 Tablespoon varieties - NuttZo comes in Power Fuel, Peanut, and Chocolate Peanut flavors. 


Nut Packs

It's ALSO too easy to eat the entire container of nuts if you're not careful! Here are some of my favorite options. 


Large Snacks, ~200 Calories Options

Good to eat as snacks by themselves or with a hard boiled egg or piece of fruit. 


Smaller Snacks, ~100 Calorie Options

These are great if you just need a little pick-me-up - or to add to salads or stir-frys! 


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