Seriously people my treadmill desk from Lifespan Fitness is changing my LIFE! I'm not super big into exercise anyway, and since the vast majority of my work is at my computer, it makes my work and my day really that much more enjoyable. You walk very slowly - at 0.6 to 1.4 miles per hour (is what I've been doing), and you CAN both work and walk at the same time. It's pretty incredible. I feel healthy and so happy working at home. 

Here's the link to their website ( and I got  the TR800-D5 model .

Happy walking!! 


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I personally LOVE Body By Simone's (BBS) dance classes at her Chelsea studio. The dances are so fun and energetic, I am smiling the ENTIRE time- AND sweating. Here is her Instagram account if you want to check that out!

About BBS Workouts: "The BBS method is graceful, beautiful and powerful.  The underlying technique is derived from dance. Our programs use clients’ own body weight and light resistance in the form of small dumbbells and resistance bands to develop long, lean muscle." Learn more here:

BBS  has an online TV component which is continuously updated with SUPER fun workouts and dances. I truly LOVE it. 

About BBS TV: "BBS TV is an online streaming service that allows you to get the incredible Body By Simone workout anywhere in the world! In our library of online videos, you’ll find both cardio and conditioning options so that you can focus on whatever you need most. Unlike traditional DVD’s, where you are stuck following the workout on the disc, we have created numerous shorter videos so that you can change up your workout every day!"  Learn more here: 

Here's a sample video! 

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