My Favorite Phone Apps for Bloggers & Instagrammers


For Productivity

1. Freedom // Eliminates Online Distractions 

With this amazing app, you can tell you phone and you computer to NOT ALLOW you to check your email, websites, and apps (like Facebook and Instagram) for whatever amount of time you set! 

2. Google Keep // Upgraded Notes App

An upgraded version of the regular Notes app - I use this ALL the time - to make lists of my hashtags, but also to jot down any ideas I have on the subway or any time I'm away from my computer. 

3. Overdrive // Listen to Audiobooks for FREE! 

Seriously one of the best finds is the Overdrive app. Sign in with you library password (you need to get a library card first) and download books to read & listed to for FREE!! Here's an article on how to set it up. 

For Bloggers & Instagrammers

1. Plann // Plan your Instagram Posts Ahead of Time 

I love LOVE this app - I use it to see what my feed will look like when I take my photos for the week - yes I plan ahead of time to make room for other things in my life! :) 

2. Later // Post Photos to Instagram Stories with Ease

Here is an excellent article from Later on what their app can do! 

3. VSCO // Edit Photos

I've been using VSCO for a while, and particularly love these functions: crop, exposure, contrast, sharpen, and temperature. Here is an article on how to use VSCO! 

4. SnapSeed // Add Text to Your Photos

I've been experimenting adding text to my photos & have found that SnapSeed is the best app for this. Here is a video as well with some of the other functions! 

Posting on National Food Days to Grow Your Reach

Cheese pizza.jpg

Posting on National Food Days (like September 5- Cheese Pizza Day #nationalcheesepizzaday 3.5k posts) & using the corresponding hashtags - is an excellent way to grow your reach. Here is a list by Refinery21 with days by month!  

Here are some examples - but check out associated hashtags to use the best one! 

September 5- Cheese Pizza Day #nationalcheesepizzaday 3.5k posts
September 10- National Hot Dog Day #nationalhotdogday 51k posts
September 18- Cheeseburger Day #nationalcheeseburgerday 28k posts
September 22- Ice Cream Cone Day #nationalicecreamconeday 4k posts; #icecreamday 42k posts; #nationalicecreamday 219k posts
September 26- Pancake Day #pancakeday; 389k posts; #nationalpancakeday 75k posts
September 29- Coffee Day #coffeeday 125k posts; #nationalcoffeeday 385k posts

Best Creative Software for Bloggers



CREATIVE MARKET: I use Creative Market a LOT for templates for my e-books, meal plans,  rate cards for companies, and even for resumes. Be sure to look for one that is in a .docx format before your purchase it! You also get FREE downloads in your inbox every Monday- which is huge. 



CANVA: I use Canva to create images if I need WORDS on them. In addition, canva has a lot of FREE images that you can use. You can also set the images ahead of time to be in the shape you want, e.g. squares for Instagram. 


My Favorite Blogs for Bloggers

Blogs for Bloggers.png

I am constantly amazed by just how much you can learn on the internet. I have truly been at a loss as to HOW to start my own blog, whether I should EVEN CREATE a blog, and so many other specific, detailed questions I was just too busy (and lazy) to try to figure our by myself. THANKFULLY there are some truly amazing bloggers out there making our lives just that much easier. There are of course many more resources than the ones listed here - but these are some of my favorites!

1. Blogging4Keeps //

I've been following The Fox and She (Blair) and Instagram for some time now - and some of her posts were mentioning a new blog she created called Blogging4Keeps. I've joined the private Facebook group - and it's been super helpful and supportive! And their weekly emails are also always PACKED with really helpful info.

2. Julie Solomon //

Julie Solomon is another great resource. Through her own blog, she's discovered what works best for other bloggers. Her website has a number of great resources. I also am currently listening to her podcast "The Influencer Podcast" - which features super successful influencers, I believe particularly on Instagram (I'm not too far in yet!). So far, so GREAT!  

3. Bloguettes //

Bloguettes is a fab company providing a TON of resources for bloggers - all of those nitty gritty details! They have a Toolbox with stock photos and other downloadables, Webinar trainings, and a pretty awesome blog (about blogging of course). Also, their Stories on Instagram are always fun to watch some behind the scenes work! 

4. Elle & Co //

First, Lauren Hooker's blog is pretty fantastic. It's specific and helpful for the types of questions I have- such ashas an amazing free resources including her Business Playbook (how to plan your business), 4-week brand challenge (to start designing your blog), website starter kit, and marketing guide (to start making those dollar bills). She also has a "Library" you can subscribe to with continuously updated resources.

My Favorite Dishes for Bloggers


What your meals look like is clearly VERY important on Instagram & in the blogging world for true success. However! I've come to realize more and more it's not just the food but the dishware and flatware that the food is ON. Here are some places that have really beautiful dishes- some I own, but all I definitely want! 


I see a LOT of food bloggers using Colleen's clayworks. I don't have any myself because they are a bit out of my price range, but they are gorgeous, speckled, and many sizes & shapes so you can get what you want. 


These dishes are GORGEOUS. I promise. She also has beautiful and colorful glasses and serving dishes. I especially love the gold accents and speckles on her works. You won't be disappointed!

My Favorite Gifts for Foodie Bloggers

Blog Gifts.png

Here are some of my favorite gifts for my foodie blogger & instagram friends- for birthdays, the holidays, or just to say, you're great! 

  1. The prettiest dishware from Suite One Studio
  2. Speckled ceramic dishware from Colleen Hennesey 
  3. Girly dishware from Kate Spade
  4. Foodie & dietitian Ts from Eat Healthy Designs
  5. Empowerment Ts from Body Over Mind apparel 
  6. Mugs & fun gadgets from Ashley Brooke Designs
  7. Mugs & fun gadgets from Shop Bando 
  8. Fun gadgets from White Elephant Designs 
  9. Very punny cards from Humdrum Paper  
  10. Gift card to Good Hyouman for athleisure 
  11. Gift card to Outdoor Voices for athletic clothes/ athleisure 
  12. Letterfolk board for all the IG photos