My Favorite Gifts for Foodie Bloggers

Blog Gifts.png

Here are some of my favorite gifts for my foodie blogger & instagram friends- for birthdays, the holidays, or just to say, you're great! 

  1. The prettiest dishware from Suite One Studio
  2. Speckled ceramic dishware from Colleen Hennesey 
  3. Girly dishware from Kate Spade
  4. Foodie & dietitian Ts from Eat Healthy Designs
  5. Empowerment Ts from Body Over Mind apparel 
  6. Mugs & fun gadgets from Ashley Brooke Designs
  7. Mugs & fun gadgets from Shop Bando 
  8. Fun gadgets from White Elephant Designs 
  9. Very punny cards from Humdrum Paper  
  10. Gift card to Good Hyouman for athleisure 
  11. Gift card to Outdoor Voices for athletic clothes/ athleisure 
  12. Letterfolk board for all the IG photos