My Favorite Blogs for Bloggers

Blogs for Bloggers.png

I am constantly amazed by just how much you can learn on the internet. I have truly been at a loss as to HOW to start my own blog, whether I should EVEN CREATE a blog, and so many other specific, detailed questions I was just too busy (and lazy) to try to figure our by myself. THANKFULLY there are some truly amazing bloggers out there making our lives just that much easier. There are of course many more resources than the ones listed here - but these are some of my favorites!

1. Blogging4Keeps //

I've been following The Fox and She (Blair) and Instagram for some time now - and some of her posts were mentioning a new blog she created called Blogging4Keeps. I've joined the private Facebook group - and it's been super helpful and supportive! And their weekly emails are also always PACKED with really helpful info.

2. Julie Solomon //

Julie Solomon is another great resource. Through her own blog, she's discovered what works best for other bloggers. Her website has a number of great resources. I also am currently listening to her podcast "The Influencer Podcast" - which features super successful influencers, I believe particularly on Instagram (I'm not too far in yet!). So far, so GREAT!  

3. Bloguettes //

Bloguettes is a fab company providing a TON of resources for bloggers - all of those nitty gritty details! They have a Toolbox with stock photos and other downloadables, Webinar trainings, and a pretty awesome blog (about blogging of course). Also, their Stories on Instagram are always fun to watch some behind the scenes work! 

4. Elle & Co //

First, Lauren Hooker's blog is pretty fantastic. It's specific and helpful for the types of questions I have- such ashas an amazing free resources including her Business Playbook (how to plan your business), 4-week brand challenge (to start designing your blog), website starter kit, and marketing guide (to start making those dollar bills). She also has a "Library" you can subscribe to with continuously updated resources.