My Favorite Phone Apps for Bloggers & Instagrammers


For Productivity

1. Freedom // Eliminates Online Distractions 

With this amazing app, you can tell you phone and you computer to NOT ALLOW you to check your email, websites, and apps (like Facebook and Instagram) for whatever amount of time you set! 

2. Google Keep // Upgraded Notes App

An upgraded version of the regular Notes app - I use this ALL the time - to make lists of my hashtags, but also to jot down any ideas I have on the subway or any time I'm away from my computer. 

3. Overdrive // Listen to Audiobooks for FREE! 

Seriously one of the best finds is the Overdrive app. Sign in with you library password (you need to get a library card first) and download books to read & listed to for FREE!! Here's an article on how to set it up. 

For Bloggers & Instagrammers

1. Plann // Plan your Instagram Posts Ahead of Time 

I love LOVE this app - I use it to see what my feed will look like when I take my photos for the week - yes I plan ahead of time to make room for other things in my life! :) 

2. Later // Post Photos to Instagram Stories with Ease

Here is an excellent article from Later on what their app can do! 

3. VSCO // Edit Photos

I've been using VSCO for a while, and particularly love these functions: crop, exposure, contrast, sharpen, and temperature. Here is an article on how to use VSCO! 

4. SnapSeed // Add Text to Your Photos

I've been experimenting adding text to my photos & have found that SnapSeed is the best app for this. Here is a video as well with some of the other functions!