I'm so glad you've come to my site! Whether you're in school right now, or you're a lifelong learner like me, I hope you find some useful and fun ideas here.

In college, I was SO CONFUSED with what to eat- What foods contributed to the Freshman 15? Were calories from drinks the same as calories from food? What diet should I follow to get the results I wanted? 

I started "The College Nutritionist" in July 2013 to help other students and graduates with these problems and similar issues. College is tough adjusting to new surroundings and a way of life- and it's still tough figuring life out when you graduate! I hope my site can help inspire you to keep up the good work you're (I'm sure) already doing and to potentially give you some new ideas. 

I've been in school for a looong time- so I understand the difficulties with following a healthful diet while in class all day and on a student's budget! I completed my undergrad, masters, and Dietetic Internship (to become a Registered Dietitian/ Nutritionist) in Cleveland, Ohio at Case Western Reserve University in 2013. I just finished my PhD in Behavioral Nutrition (a mix of psychology and nutrition) at Columbia University. Wohoo! If you're interested, learn more about my research here: bit.ly/RachelPaulResearch

My nutrition mantra is intuitive and practical - listen to your body, eat the foods you love, and incorporate health along the way. I am a lifelong learner and and loove self-improvement books, TedTalks, seminars, you name it! I've found that knowing yourself, especially when it comes to food and nutrition, is the best way to live your happiest life. 

Also here are 2 blog posts on my journey! 


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