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The Essentials


  • Kitchen Tongs - like many of the items above - it’s actually cheaper to buy more than one :) AND I actually think it’s best to have 2+ tongs so you can use one for raw meats and one for cooked meats so you can avoid cross contamination

  • GreenPan non-stick pans - these are supposed to be healthier for the body than regular non-stick pans. This is a set, or just getting 1-2 frying pans works too if you already have other pots and pans!

  • Cast Iron Pan - this is a great pan because it can go on the stove top AND in the oven, e.g. if you’re cooking steak or chicken and want to sear it before baking

  • Coffee Pot - this is the one I have! I love it!

  • Instant Pot or pressure cooker (Instant pot preferred because you can do so much more with it)

  • Air Fryer - this is a little oven that’s really easy to clean. Love it!

  • Food Scale - this is actually really not necessary, but if you like to know exactly what you’re eating it can be helpful

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