Travel Snacks Road Trip Edition & ThredUp Finds

Hey guys! When I'm traveling, I always like to keep good snacks around. I don't like to be without my go-to's - it really relieves some stress for me since I know I will always access to something I like and that I know is healthy. Can you relate? 

Zak and I recently went on a road trip up (just a few hours) to Vermont to go skiing with his law firm. Here's some snacks that I brought with me that were easy to transport in the car! 



Nuts are a delicious (especially if you choose roasted & salted) snack that are filling and satisfying. All nuts are good - I brought peanuts with me, but if you prefer cashews, walnuts, etc. bring those! Single-serving packets of nuts are great for portion control. You can find them at many grocery stores and on Amazon. 

Bell Peppers

As bell pepper are perishable but last for a while out of the fridge, they work well for shorter car trips. I also brought with me a knife with a sheaf (a covering) so I could slice and eat them while Zak was driving. Peppers have a great crunch and can be (!) a good alternative to pretzels or chips. Red, orange, and yellow peppers are sweeter - I typically prefer these - but the green ones are usually cheaper! 

Turkey Jerky

One of my other favorite filling and tasty snacks is turkey or beef jerky. I got a question recently about turkey jerky being "processed" - it isn't, in the way you may be thinking. It's typically just dried meat - like you dry out grapes to make raisins. 


I also wanted to introduce you guys to ThredUp! They are a second-hand online clothing company that has not only amazing (I really couldn't believe it) deals but amazing brands! Jcrew, Calvin Kline, Adidas - and so many types of clothing and accessories - formal wear, high end workout clothes (that I would never buy on my own!), purses, etc. etc. 

You guys know I talk a lot about saving money on food without sacrificing health - why not do the same for clothing?! Seems like a no-brainer to me :)

I got to pick out some items - here are my steals! Thanks so much to ThredUp for sending these my way. 

  • Fossil crossbody bag - originally $128 got it for $38

  • Express croptop (I'm wearing it) - originally $45 got it for $10

  • 90 Degrees by Reflex sports bra (in top picture) - originally $45 got it for $10

  • Max and Cleo sweater dress - originally $95 got it for $19

  • Massimo Dutti weekender bag (pictured in both images) - originally $390 got it for about $80

  • Calvin Klein blouse - originally $60 got it for $13

AND - they have an extra discount when you sign up for the first time

Happy weekend everyone! 

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