Study Snacks for Midterms


With midterms coming up, being PREPARED for late night & weekend studying is KEY to staying with your health goals. Otherwise, it's too easy to find yourself at the vending machine and loading up on sugary coffees. Here are some of my fave snacks to keep in my bag that are NON-perishable (don't go bad). 

1. Jerky

You heard me right! I LOVE all kinds of beef & turkey jerky. It's high in protein and typically low in sugar and fat, really filling, and really tasty. It's good for MONTHS so you never have to worry and can stock up ahead of time at the store or online. 

2. Nuts

I feel like a broken record with this one... I always have single-serving packs of nuts with me - whether they're peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc. I typically prefer to buy pre-packaged single servings of nuts rather than making my own single-serve baggies because, honestly, it saves me time and energy! 

3. Tea bags

You can usually get a cup of free hot water - from the coffee shop in the library or wherever you're studying or working. Keeping tea bags (wrapped up of course) in your bag is a great way to have a little "pick me up", especially if you're not hungry and just are having that "oral fixation". 

4. Individually Wrapped Chocolates

I only (try to) keep a few in my bag at a time so I'm not too temped, but I have a MAJOR sweet tooth so a way I've found to slow me down is to buy chocolates that are individually wrapped. 

Happy studying! xo 

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