My Favorite Protein Bars

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My issue with most protein bars is that they don't keep me full for very long - and I don't usually fine them satisfying.

HOWEVER! Protein bars ARE convenient, pre-packaged into single servings (generally), and are usually non-perishable - meaning you can keep them in your purse or schoolbag for months!

I've personally found these below taste best AND have pretty clean, recognizable ingredients. Here's my go-to list! 



150-Calorie Bars

Good tasting, good texture, and smaller than most other bars

Calories: 150 // Protein: 10gm // Sugar: 5gm



Clean, MINIMAL ingredients!

For original bars - Calories: 190-200 // Protein: 4-5gm // Sugar: 17-18gm (0-3 gm added sugar)

P.S. if you want a smaller bite, they make kid's size Larabars!


That's It Bars

The ONLY ingredients in these bars are dried fruit and vegetables... pretty amazing!

For fruit bars - Calories: 100 // Protein: 1gm // Sugar: 19gm (no added sugar!)

Kind Bar Minis

I love these minis for when you just need a little bite of something to tide you over.

Calories: 100 // Protein: 3gm // Sugar: 3gm (2 gm added sugar)


A note: the nutrition facts are just for 1 example bar, but other bars by these brands are fairly similar nutritionally! 

The images in this blog post are (c) by the companies! 


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