9 Affirmations that Make the Biggest Difference in My Life

How to Improve Your Mindset

Affirmations count more than you would think

That’s because getting in the right mindset is what will take you to the next level

  • Scaling your business

  • Getting to six figures

  • Getting to seven figures

It’s all about how YOU think about yourself and your goals

Here are the affirmations that work best for me

  1. I can trust myself & I can trust my instincts

  2. It’s the people who make enjoying their lives a priority who enjoy their lives

  3. Keep the beginner around & have fun

  4. I love my subscribers and followers so much & am so happy and grateful I can serve them everyday

  5. Peace (hiring out) creates space, space creates opportunities; opportunities creates wealth

  6. The more money I make, the more people I can help

  7. There is plenty of room in the marketplace for myself and those in similar niches

  8. Keep the humor around

  9. Worrying is just a habit I can break

Can you adopt any of these this week? Which affirmations work for you that aren’t listed here?

Leave me a comment below!

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