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Best Amazon Kitchen Gadgets Under $20

May 1, 2020

Best Amazon Kitchen Gadgets Under $20


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Sheltering in place got me doing ALL the cooking, home renovations and really looking at my kitchen. Anyone else thinking about what other products and services they need?! Here are some of my fave cheap kitchen gadgets from Amazon under $20 to take your kitchen to the next level. It’s about having more than a Good Grips spiralizer to create veggie noodles. You want real tools and solutions that make your life easier.

Best Amazon Kitchen Gadgets Under $20

OTS Drying Rack.jpg

Over-the-sink drying rack

Good for foods, pots & pans

I love this for vegetables after you’ve washed them. It gives them a chance to drip dry without being in the bottom of the sink, or just sitting on the bench. Easier than getting out a colander every time you scrub a potato!

Non Stick Oven Liners.jpg

Non-Stick Oven Liners

Catch all the food debris

Dishwasher safe means less cleaning of your actual oven. That’s a definite win as far as I’m concerned!

silicone muffin.jpg

Silicone Muffin Liners

So easy to clean & good for the environment

You don’t need individual paper cups for your muffins, you can use these over and over again. 

Silicone Baking Mat.jpg

Silicone Mat

Throw out the tin foil and parchment paper!

Stop wasting tin foil or parchment paper! Get one of these and save the planet, one batch of cookies at a time.

huge lid.jpg

Huge Lid

For ANY size pan – I have 2!

This is such an essential kitchen tool. How many pans do you have that don’t have a lid? Get one or two of these and never have to hunt for the right size lid, or start cooking and realizeyou’re using a lidless pan again!

Knife Set.jpg

A good knife set

For under $20 you can’t go wrong

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to cut a tomato with a blunt knife? No more with this set.


Kitchen Tongs

SO useful! Like long hands.

These aren’t your heavy duty barbecue tongs. These are ideal for serving, getting hot things out of the pan or oven, tossing salads… They’re definitely an everyday item in my kitchen!

herb scissors.jpg

Herb Scissors

So much easier than ripping up leaves!

Fresh herbs really do up your flavor game. But slicing, especially if you haven’t invested in a good set of knives, can be challenging. These scissors make it so simple! Rinse under hot water after use to get all the little pieces off them before drying thoroughly.

avocado slicer.jpg

Avocado slicer

I was sold on this one simply because of the reviews! And now I can make much prettier avocado toast 🙂

No more avocado injuries with this! Nail your Instagram worthy avocado toast with this handy avocado slicer.

42 Piece Containers.jpg

42-pc containers

Plastic comes in handy, it’s so light weight!

Getting organized, meal prepping and planning out your meals calls for some storage solutions. Buying in bulk means that many of the lids will be used on more than one container. Ideal!

Measuring Cups & Spoons Set.jpg

Measuring cups & spoons set

For accurate measurements!

Portion sizes are hard to estimate sometimes so having a set of measuring cups and spoons can help you start to gauge how much you really are consuming of any given ingredient or food. Also, essential for baking where measurements really do matter!

reusable bags.jpg

Reusable bags

The ones I have are out of stock, but here are others!

Save the planet, one reusable zip lock bag at a time. Great for pre-chopping smoothie ingredients and meal-prepping so that you can throw them all in the blender with some milk when it’s time to head out the door.

Silicone Stretch Lids.jpg

Silicone Stretch Lids

How COOL are these?!

Another great kitchen hack to reduce food waste and cling film waste. Get a few different sizes to fit different foods, and because I know you’ll love them and be using them all the time!

Lazy Susan.jpg

Lazy Susans

Great for in the pantry AND the fridge

No matter the shape or size of your kitchen cupboards, you probably can’t see what’s in the back without pulling everything out. Which is so annoying when you can’t remember where you put the cheese grater!

Lid Organizer.jpg

Lid Organizer

omg. enough said.

Plastic containers are great, but they often end up in a massive pile and trying to find a matching set leads me to just wrap things up in clingfilm instead. Not great for the planet! Stack up your lids with this handy organizer.

Over the Cabinet Door Organizer.jpg

Door Organizer

Make sure your shelves won’t get in the way when you close the door!

Another great way to organize your cupboards so that you can see everything! Especially great for cutting boards. But you will need to make sure any shelves are set back from the door so there is space for the organizer.

Pan Organizer.jpg

Pan Organizer

My prayers are answered.

Always need the pan that’s on the bottom? Whether you’ve got stainless steel or cast iron pans, you’ll want to keep them separated for their own care as well as ease of access. 

sponge holder.jpg

Sponge Holder over-the-faucet

My sponge holder just wasn’t sticking to the side of the sing, this one works much better!

Is there anything worse than a sponge that sits wet? The smell, the slime… Gross. But those that suction to the side of the sink never seem to stay put on a wet surface. This one is guaranteed not to slip off and to keep your sponge nice and try.

Under Shelf Organizer.jpg

Hanging Shelf Organizers

How useful?!

All that space in your cupboard could probably be better used. These hanging shelves will double the amount of space you have in cupboards which have tall shelves that you can’t fill up. 

egg cooker.jpg

Egg Cooker

Did you know hard boiled eggs keep for a week?!

Eggs are such a great, high protein snack that having them in the fridge and ready to go is an ideal way to ensure you’re eating healthy. Having an egg cooker means you’ll always be able to reliably cook perfect eggs every time.

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Best Amazon Kitchen Gadgets Under $20

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