Everyday Shower & 5-Minute Makeup Routine

Morning Routines for a productive day

I’ve had a lot of questions about my makeup & shower routines - here they are!


Clean beauty, or using beauty products (shampoo, conditioner, makeup, etc.) without harmful chemicals, is really important to me. The products we use are absorbed into our skin, and then into our organs.

I LOVE this shampoo and this conditioner by BeautyCounter - an awesome, clean-beauty company. They don’t use any of these potentially harmful ingredients in any of their beauty and makeup products.

The only other important shower note is that I use this charcoal body soap - seriously these little luxuries make me feel like a queen! Even though it’s for face & body I just use it on my body since my face is sensitive. I also use a separate soap for under my arms if I used antiperspirant deodorant the day before.

Once out of the shower, I wrap my head in this incredible head-towel which makes my hair SO SMOOTH 😍 and get into my comfy & cozy calf-length waffle robe, and put this oil-free lotion on my face. Once a week I use this charcoal mask - I use it right out of the shower on clean skin (before lotioning).

These towels are pretty cheap but also make me feel so fancy - using dark colored towels is safest (I learned the hard way!) to make sure your makeup doesn’t stain white, beige, or lighter colored towels.

Also! I switch between anti-perspirant (I like this Dove one) and this non-anti-perspirant deodorant - it smells incredible BUT only works if you know you’re not going to be in a situation where you’re sweating 😉


I personally think that clean beauty is especially important to consider with any products that come into direct contact with our bodies’ orifices (direct openings into our bodies) - meaning our mouths and eyes - so lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc.

I first add a bit of eyeliner and mascara - I honestly just stick with the cheap kind because I get styes once in a while, and have to switch out this makeup fairly frequently. But if you want something more fancy (and with better ingredients!) here are really well-reviewed eyeliner and mascara.

I then remove any excess eye makeup with oil-free eye makeup wipes - I need to use oil-free because I have really sensitive skin. I also actually don’t wear any other makeup on my face besides lotion but if you do, these makeup wipes are supposed to be great!

Does wearing lip gloss or lipstick make you feel all put together? That’s definitely how it makes me feel 😍 Here is a clean beauty lip gloss (fave shade bare glimmer) for everyday! I seriously love it.

I then add under eye cream to stop my fine wrinkles in their tracks and smooth them out with a q-tip. I’ve LOVED the results of this rejuvenating under eye cream.

Not makeup related, but I also like to only use clean beauty & chemical free nail polish - here is a brand that I really like! It does separate if it sits for a bit because it’s a clean beauty product - but just shake it and it will be completely fine!

Recap of Best Products!

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