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Best Body Q&A

January 1, 2023

Best Body Q&A


Best Body Q&A

I’m SO excited to see so many new faces in Best Body!

If you’re still on the fence, I’m going to answer the common Q&As here.

P.S. If your question isn’t listed here, or if you just don’t want to search for it, please email me at and my team will get back to you shortly!

Best Body Basics

What is Best Body? What’s included?

Best Body is the complete online program created by me, Dr. Rachel Paul, PhD, RD, to help women lose weight for good and finally feel in control around food. I know you’re busy, so the membership site is very mobile friendly 🙂 

  • First, you’ll Create Your Personalized Plan: I walk you through creating a plan that specifically works for YOU – for your body’s needs, lifestyle, food preferences – during the week, on the weekend, during special events, etc. in video lessons.

  • You’ll use The Best Body Meal Planner: I make eating healthy SO EASY for you. Through my interactive meal planning tool with 1700+ simple meal, snack, and dessert options, you can either create plans based on what’s already in your fridge, or follow the plans I create each week.

  • You’ll join Weekly Coaching Calls: I’m so excited to bring you 2-3 group calls a week, where I will help you with any personal struggles, and answer all of your questions. Learning how to change your thoughts is life-changing. Calls are at various days and times to accommodate schedules/time zones, and are recorded and uploaded to our private podcast, so you can listen to them anytime.

  • You’ll get my Complete Mindset Mastery Training: I teach you mindset shifts for every situation you may encounter: stress eating in the afternoon, overeating on the weekends, dealing with your mother-in-law, etc. through video lessons.

  • Enjoy New Content Each Month: New recipe books, and coaching call topics are available every month on timely topics on everything from feeling confident in a bathing suit to sitting next to judgmental aunts at Thanksgiving, and more. 

Who is Best Body for?

Best Body is for women over 18 years old, who want to lose weight for the last time.

  • Diet preferences & allergies: The Best Body meal plans can be adjusted for any dietary preference or restriction, e.g. vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, etc. Best Body is not suitable for strict vegans (not eating any animal products). 

  • Medical issue: Many women join Best Body who have medical concerns. If you have a chronic disease (such as PCOS, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer), or are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with your doctor before joining the program. 

  • Outside the US? I only use whole, real foods in the meals, so even if you’re outside the US, you should be able to find everything you need! 

  • More than 50 pounds to lose? Totally fine, and you will be in good company!

  • In your 40s – 60s? We have a whole group of women working on pre and post-menopausal weight loss. You are in good company!

  • As always, please seek approval from your primary care physician before starting any nutrition program. 

  • This program is NOT for: high school students, professional athletes, or those who have an eating disorder or are in recent recovery.

Will I get one-on-one time with you, Rachel?

I will answer 100% of your questions. 

  • We have group coaching calls at least 2 times per week, where you can raise your hand to get coached directly by me, or Coach Jen or Coach Stacy (our additional mindset coaches in Best Body).

  • You can write in a question within the membership site, where all questions are answered every week. 

  • You can ask questions in the Facebook group 24/7, and myself, or Coach Jen, or Coach Stacy, or one of our veteran Best Body members will get back to you within 24 business hours.

What principles does the program use?

You create your own Protocol, choosing from whether you want to track calories, listen to your hunger & fullness cues, follow my meal Formula, and more. It’s imperative that you create your own plan (I walk you through how to do so), otherwise we get into rebellious “you can’t tell me what to do” mentality.

We then focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based techniques to change your mindset around food – so that these changes become part of your new lifestyle instead of another “failed diet attempt”. It’s AWESOME!

Is there a certain time commitment to be in the program?

No! Cancel anytime.

What daily time commitment does the program require?

Really, as much or as little as YOU want. There are many tools and resources in the program – they are all for your benefit. You can spend as little or as much time as you like changing your mindset, perusing the new recipes, etc.

Is Best Body via email or is there an app/membership site?

Best Body is a private membership site. You can save it as an app icon on your phone – just as easy to access as an app!

Are there subtitles to the videos?


What results can you expect from Best Body?

Oh… SO many!! Weight loss of course, but imagine feeling totally free and in control around food. Please ready the testimonial page for just a few of the daily wins in the program.


What are the details of the price increase?

The price of Best Body will be going up for anyone who joins after Monday January 16th (the prices will be increasing on Tuesday January 17th).

Price changes (for anyone who joins after the 16th):

  • Monthly: Current: $37 –> On Tuesday January 17th: $39

  • Annual: Current: $266 (save 40%) –> On Tuesday January 17th: $280 (save 40%)

Will the price change for current members?


Once you’re a member, your price does not increase.

If you cancel, and then resubscribe – then you would resubscribe at the higher price.

If I start at monthly, but then upgrade to annual by Monday January 16th, will I get the current price ($266)?


If you upgrade your membership to annual by Monday January 16th, you will be locked into the current price.

The payment will go through on your next billing date cycle. So if you sign up for the monthly membership on Sunday January 15th and switch to annual on Monday January 16th, you’ll be charged $266 one month later – on February 16th, 2023.

Annual memberships are not pro-rated.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. You can cancel your membership yourself at any time, no questions asked.

Whatever option you purchased, you’ll have access to Best Body until the end of that period. So if you purchased the monthly plan and canceled, you’ll have access until the end of the month. If you purchased the year, you will have access to Best Body until the anniversary of your purchase.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds.

Best Body is an information product, and therefore can’t be returned. However, we are extremely confident that if you follow the simple steps in the program, YOU will be successful in changing your life.

Do you add to Best Body? Or is it stagnant? Why is the price increasing?

Yes! I add new content and features to Best Body nearly daily.

Best Body is worth hundreds of dollars per month, so any price below that is a steal 🙂

If I want to switch to the annual price, should I do so before January 17th?

Yes! I recommend doing so now before the price increases.

Best Body Food & Meal Recommendations

Do I have to track calories?

No! You don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Can I do Best Body if I’m also cooking for others (my husband, my family)?


There’s an option in The Meal Planner to increase portions up to 8 servings of any meal. Increasing the portions in The Meal Planner automatically adjusts the grocery list.

So what many members do it eat their own meals Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks, and then increase the portions for dinner.

Is the program low carb/ keto?

No, but if you want to follow a low carb or keto lifetstyle, the program can easily be tailored to those specifications.

You get to create whatever plan works for YOU.

I do recommend focusing on non-starchy vegetables at meals (which can lower total carb count), but again, you create your own plan for any amount of higher carb foods (grains, starchy veggies, fruit, dessert, and alcohol) you want to eat.

Can I drink alcohol? Can I eat chocolate? Can I eat bread? Can I eat at my favorite restaurant?


No food or drink is off limits.

Do I have to give up my social life?


This is real life. Best Body is a lifestyle program. Want to get wine and pasta out with friends? Awesome, go for it! I’ll teach you how to make good decisions YOU are happy with, no matter the situation.

I’m breastfeeding – will Best Body work for me?

There are many women in Best Body who are breastfeeding and see success. As always, please talk with your doctor before starting any nutrition program, and monitor your supply along the way. I also recommend Real Food for Pregnancy who has specific nursing food recommendations (that complement what we already do in Best Body!)

Does Best Body work for pregnancy?

There are women in Best Body who are pregnant and use The Meal Planner for recipes and meal plans, and the coaching calls for lifestyle mindset shifts.

I don’t have specific food recommendations for pregnancy in the program. But I absolutely recommend Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nichols as a complement to the program, which has similar food guidelines to what I recommend.

Please pass the program by your doctor before starting.

How much do members spend on groceries?

Typically $50-60 per week.

It’s incredibly important to me that the foods are accessible, wholesome, fueling, and available on any budget.

Do the meal plans come with grocery lists?


Do I have to eat the same thing every day, or Monday-Wednesday etc.?


The meal plans I create weekly are set up to be the same meals M-W, R-F, and Sa-Su, but The Meal Planner is interactive. You can edit my meal plans to be different meals every single day (there’s 1700+ meal options) or the same meals 7 days a week 🙂

How is this different from Noom?

I’ve never personally downloaded Noom, but I’ve heard the “coaching” is generic advice and the calorie amount they give women is way too low to be sustainable or lifestyle promoting.

Please read through Best Body’s testimonial’s page… I think you’ll be persuaded!

How do I know how many calories to eat?

I will walk you through how to determine that for YOUR body within the program.

I’m a picky eater. Will Best Body work for me?

There are over 1700+ meal options within Best Body, so I’m confident you can find meals and snacks in there that you like.

But regardless, you can eat whatever meals and snacks YOU like – you don’t have to follow my meals or meal plans if you don’t want to.

Are macros listed?

No – calories only.

I don’t recommend tracking macros, but you can track that yourself if you really want to in an app like LoseIt or MyFitnessPal.

Do you list common food alternatives in your recipes? E.g. meat/ vegetarian, nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, allergies etc.


I list common food aversions or preferences in all the recipes, and there are meal filters to filter-out these common preferences.

How is this different from other diets?

I not only give you science-based nutrition recommendations, but we work on changing your MINDSET from “restrictive diet” to “lifestyle”.

Can I follow this program if I’m on a college dining plan?


You don’t have to follow my meal plans if you don’t want to or can’t. I list food guidelines that you can follow no matter what food you’re eating.

Did you (Rachel) follow your own guidelines to lose your weight?

Yes, 100%!

Is Best Body for me if I want to maintain my weight, or gain weight?

Maintain your weight: yes – you can set your calorie goal to “maintenance”.

Gain weight: you certainly can still use the Best Body tools and mindset guidance, but I don’t have instructions for weight gain within the program

Can men join?


Will this plan help me lose the last 5 pounds? What if I have over 100 pounds to lose?

Yes and yes! This is the right plan for you.

Are your recipes BASIC?

YES! I’m the laziest cook you’ll ever meet 🤣

Is Best Body focused on weight loss only, or proper nutrition?

Proper nutrition for sure. However, we don’t label any foods as “bad” foods – that is not a helpful mindset.

Can you do Intermittent Fasting?

Yes! You get to create the plan that works for you. If intermittent fasting works for your lifestyle, that’s great. If IF doesn’t work for you, don’t force it.

I work the night shift. Can Best Body work for someone with a crazy schedule?


You create your own protocol based on the time availability you have, your food preferences and food accessibility, etc.

Do you have to follow the program “to a T” to see results?

That question doesn’t even really apply to the program 🙂 the guidelines are very flexible, and YOU create your own plan that suits your taste preferences and lifestyle.

Coaching, Mindset, Emotional Eating Questions

Are the coaching calls one-on-one?

The coaching calls are group calls.

You can raise your hand to ask me your questions directly, one-on-one!

Do you work with binge eaters?

There are many members of Best Body who say that they have binge eaten in the past, but binge eating is not my exact specialty. Of course talk with your doctor before starting any new program.

Do I have to attend the coaching calls?

No! You can listen to the call recordings anytime after.


Is there an exercise component?

Yes – but my recommendations are flexible and not intense. I want you to move your body every day, but you
don’t need to sweat it out at the gym 3 hours a day.

Is there an app for the program?

No, but you can save the program as an “app” icon to your phone – which is basically the same thing! I have talked about creating an app with Best Body members and they’ve said that the website being saved as an “app” icon is just as effective.

I’m not tech savvy. Is that a problem?

No! I walk you through exactly what to do.

Other questions?

Please email me at and we will get back to you asap!

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Best Body Q&A

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