The Most Important Books for Millennial Entrepreneurs

How to Improve Your Mindset

If I had to narrow it down to my #1 recommendation for entrepreneurs, it would be to read & learn from other entrepreneurs.

Do not reinvent the wheel!! You will save so much time & money by implementing what others have learned who have come before you. Seriously.

I always want to maximize (and not waste any of) your time. There are a lot of business books out there, so I’m narrowing it down to what I think are THE most imperative books to read for running a super successful online business.

These are also listed in the order I would read them. And, they are linked as audiobooks, because that’s the mode I prefer. But if you prefer to read (rather than listen), please read instead!

Section I. Getting Into the Right Mindset

I know It might surprise you, but being in the right mindset is more important than what you’re selling, how good your marketing is, how many followers you have on Instagram, etc.

1. Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas

I know this is a silly title :) But it’s a wonderful, eye-opening read.

Denise breaks down mindset barriers that could be inhibiting you from making that money. I’ve re-read it many times.

Here’s her book.

If you’re interested in more on mindset, Jen Sincero’s books You Are a Badass and You Are a Badass at Making Money are excellent reads.

Section II. Overview of Online Entrepreneurship in 2019

2. Chillpreneur by Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise also wrote the book above! This book gives a great overview of what “chill” entrepreneurship should and will look like if you implement the right steps!

Here’s her book.

3. Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

Russell is awesome, doesn’t sugar-coat anything, and gets right to the point. He also gives a good overview of online business as well as some great details about how to generate leads and profit.

Here’s his book.

4. Launch by Jeff Walker

When you’re ready to sell your online product (e.g. ebook, online course), this book is a great read for understanding what launching a product takes.

Here’s his book.

Section III. Money Management

In the mindset section we read about abundance mindset in terms of $$, but it’s also important to be a savvy entrepreneur to take home a good paycheck.

5. Profit First by Mike Michalowitz

Mike’s mission is to “eradicate entrepreneurial poverty” - don’t you love that?? In his book, he talks about how to “take your profit first” in order to 1) be smart with expenses and 2) take home a healthy paycheck every month!

Here’s his book.

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