3 Ways to Embody Your Future Self

How to Improve Your Mindset

Getting into the mindset of your future self is incredibly important to your success. Here are 3 top tips -

1. Write Down Your Goals Daily

I just do this in the Notes section of my computer, but you could use a journal if you prefer.

When you write down your goals daily, you’re able to focus and hone-in on what’s really important to you.

Here’s a one-sentence journal from Gretchen Rubin, one of my favorite authors, and one with a prettier cover :)

2. Create Phone & Desktop Backgrounds (for free on Canva.com)

Search “desktop wallpaper”

Search “desktop wallpaper”

Search “Instagram Story” for phone wallpaper

Search “Instagram Story” for phone wallpaper

Look at them daily! Here are mine for examples :)

college nutritionist canva Desktop Wallpaper

3. Add a Sticky Note to Your Mirror

Isn’t this one the most fun??

stick note mirror college nutritionist

4. Bonus :) Change your passwords

To something to do with your future self - 6figures, sevenfigures, moneymachine$$ - that type of thing!

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