The Best Canva Pinterest Templates

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First of all, here is what I have found to be important about successful Pins for Pinterest:

  • NOT a WHITE background - I’ve found that the white of Pins’ backgrounds blend in too much with the white of Pinterest and it’s confusing where your Pin starts and ends! Not good for clicks

  • Use a NUMBER - numbers work really well - people on Pinterest are looking for QUICK, easily digestible information, so numbers make it seem like your blog post will be an easy read

  • NO overlays - It’s best to have the picture(s) in your Pin to NOT have overlays over them, honestly for the simplicity of duplicating them and creating multiple pins for the same blog post (and using the same template for another blog post)

Unfortunately, these pins templates don’t have names, so you’ll have to do a little scrolling, but here are my favorites!

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