How to Build a To-Go Lunch

 healthy 5 minute lunch recipes

If your anything like me, life is always on-the-go. Between classes, workouts, meetings, or even events it can be hard to catch your breathe and let alone eat a nutritious meal. 


Here's my go-to formula for lunches & dinners

If you're cooking, I generally recommend cooking with an oil spray instead of using oil, because eating the fat is typically more filling and satisfying than having it in more of a liquid form. 


Here are some EASY, portable ways to put this formula to use in a lunch! 

2 cups non-starchy vegetables (about 50 calories) 

  • Baby carrots

  • Carrot sticks

  • Baby cucumbers

  • Cucumber slices

  • Celery sticks

  • Tomato slices

  • Jicama sticks


1 "regular" serving of protein (about 120 calories)

  • 1 can tuna

  • 1 small packet turkey or beef jerky

  • 2 hard boiled eggs

  • 4oz turkey deli slices

  • 4oz roast beef slices


100-200 calories of fats

  • 1/4 cup nuts (about 1oz, or a 170-200 calorie pack)

  • 1/8 cup nuts (about 2 Tbsp, or a 100-calorie pack)

  • 1 nut butter packet (1-2 Tbsp if you want to measure out yourself)

  • 1-2 string cheeses

  • 1-2 slices of cheese

  • 1 single-serving packet guacamole

  • 1/2 avocado

  • 1 high-fat yogurt


Here are some lunch EXAMPLES!  

  • 2 cups baby carrots (veggie) + 2 hard boiled eggs (protein) + 1/4 cup nuts (fat)

  • 2 cups celery sticks (veggie) + 4oz turkey slices (protein) + 2 slices of cheddar cheese (fat)

  • 2 cups tomato slices (veggie) + 1 can tuna (protein) + 2 Tbsp mayo (fat)

  • 2 cups cucumber slices (veggie) + 1 packet turkey jerky (protein) + 1 high fat yogurt (fat)


Here are some great products to put the above to use!

HomeNative Ltd.

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