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Unique Gifts for Men

  1. Latest tech: Bose outdoor speaker (under $100); Noise cancelling headphones (splurge); Airpods

  2. Yard games: Lawn darts, Bocce Ball, Giant Wood Toppling Tower (I’m forgetting the name of this game haha!), Portable Cornhole

  3. Alcohol: Alcohol subscription boxes, or just a bottle or case of alcohol he likes!

  4. Activities: Restaurant gift card; Day of hiking; Comedy show tickets; Concert tickets; Indoor skydiving; Sports tickets; Movie tickets

  5. For feet: Boots; Sneakers; Hiking socks

  6. Grooming: Beard balms & oils; Cologne; Electric shaver or shaving kit; Nice robe; Leather monogramed shaving bag

  7. Workout: Lululemon workout gear & sweats, Allbirds

  8. Accessories: Watch; Wallet; EDC (Everyday Carry)

  9. Clothes: Shirts; Sweaters; Undies; Socks - try something like Jcrew Factory - nice but a little cheaper!

  10. Sports jersey

  11. Drone

  12. Survival Gear Kit/ Toolbox

  13. Car Accessories: Emergency roadside kit

  14. Merchandise from favorite TV show or movie (e.g. Game of Thrones, Star Wars)

  15. Nice duffel bag/ weekender or new suitcase

  16. ManCrates (these are cool)

  17. Assorted hot sauces

Secret Santa Gifts Under $25

Unique Secret Santa and White Elephant Gifts Under $25

  1. “Bartender” set

  2. Sleek iPhone case with credit card holder

  3. Charcoal shower beauty bar (again - if you’re interested, read about my journey with Clean Beauty here!)

  4. Iced-coffee maker

  5. Single-serving French press

  6. Clean beauty lipstick & gloss (without unsafe chemicals)

  7. Mini cactus candles

  8. Herb grower in a mason jar

  9. Blue tooth shower, i.e. waterproof, speaker (not pictured)

  10. Go & Glow mini oils (not pictured)

gifts for your boyfriend’s mom

Gifts for Your Boyfriend’s or Girlfriend’s Mom

  1. Best of Beauty Counter (clean beauty, without harmful chemicals or ingredients!) set - if you’re interested, read about my journey with Clean Beauty here!

  2. Beauty Counter Charcoal essentials

  3. Automatic Pot Stirrer (omg I need one for myself!!)

  4. Instant Pot - check if she has one first

  5. These beautiful stemless wine glasses

  6. Cookbook Stand in the shape of a cutting board

  7. Cheeseboard with an ampersand etched in the middle - I just love this!

gifts for the instagrammer or blogger

Gifts for the Instagrammer or Blogger

  1. Instagram course - my course on how to grow & succeed on Instagram!

  2. Bluetooth remote control for smart phones - I need this NOW! Hint hint boyfriend…

  3. Moment wide-lens for iPhone

  4. Pro-Blogger online course - how I was able to scale up the business aspect of what I do!

  5. Super light yoga mat - for traveling & taking photos whereverrr your friend is going!

  6. Succulents - perfect for in the background of food or yoga photos

  7. Camera lens mug - how cute?!

  8. Latte stencil kit (not pictured)

gifts for your boyfriend that aren’t clothes

Gifts for Your Boyfriend That Aren’t Clothes

  1. iPhone Cleaner - I’m SO excited about this and I’m getting it for Zak for Valentine’s Day!

  2. Espresso machine if you want to splurge

  3. Beer holder for the shower!

  4. Bartender multi-tool

  5. Beer mitten

  6. City whiskey glasses

  7. Travel duffle that’s classy but not too expensive!

  8. Survival card for his wallet

  9. Travel size mens skincare - without any harmful chemicals

unique kitchen gadget gifts

Fun, Unique Gifts & Gadgets for the Kitchen

  1. Guac lock - keeps avocados fresh after you’ve chopped them!!

  2. Espresso machine if you want to splurge

  3. Edge champagne glasses - look fancy without the pricetag

  4. Very cute lunchbag

  5. Instant Pot - you friend, or yourself, will love you!

  6. Kebob grilling baskets - need these for no-mess grilling!

  7. Vegetable chopper - cut down your kitchen time by 75%!

  8. Egg-on-a-bagel maker (is this the coolest thing ever??)

  9. Warming ice cream scoop 

  10. Iced coffee maker (not pictured) 

  11. Embossed rolling pin - you will WIN the cookie contest! (not pictured)

gifts for the girl who’s studying abroad

Gifts for the Girl Who’s Studying Abroad

  1. Adorable travel packages - “Wet stuff”

  2. and “Computer & Charger”  

  3. This gorgeous suitcase 

  4. Traveler’s Essentials by Beauty Counter 

  5. Yeti mug - keeps your drinks cold (and ice - ice!) for SO LONG - it’s incredible

  6. This pretty travel journal 

  7. Madewell backpack - my favorite travel piece I own! (not pictured)

self-care gifts

Self-Care Gifts for YOU!

  1. Iced-coffee maker for on-the-go (for those of you who are very lazy like me!)

  2. Beauty Counter Charcoal essentials (if you’re interested, read about my journey with Clean Beauty here!)

  3. Madewell Tote (the perfect tote BTW)

  4. Swell “marble” water bottle

  5. Soft PJs set

  6. Shower bluetooth speaker - so we can listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and music without worry and while we’re de-stressing!

  7. Shower tray - made of this beautiful wood!

  8. Waffle robe (not pictured)

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