The Best 30 Health & Wellness Courses for 98% Off!

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Big news.

I’m working with the top ladies in the health & wellness field to bring you…

the BEST 30 health & wellness courses on the market right now for 98% off! (it’s a $5000 value!) - only $99

That comes to $3 per course!

It’s a crazy one-time bundle that will NEVER happen again - like EVER!

and it’s ending on Tuesday Sept 17th

Here are just some of the courses included:

Best Body

This is my course!! Lifetime access to my course BestBody - where you get my weight loss system taught in short, fun lessons by yours truly, a new meal plan each week, accountability from our amazing supportive group of ladies.

Regularly $197 for lifetime access - but it comes to $3 here! 🤩

Stay - A course in Meditation

“Go through a 7-day meditation journey to understand yourself better using techniques to deal with certain emotions and behaviors you experience. Practice daily meditations for 20 minutes and be more yourself.”

Regularly $77 for lifetime access - but it comes to $3 here! 🤩

Yoga for Beginners

“If you are a yoga beginner, this is a great way to master the basic steps of yoga. You’ll be focusing on three lessons that will teach you how to properly breathe, build strength, and ways to improve your flexibility and de-stress.”

Regularly $43 for lifetime access - but it comes to $3 here! 🤩

15 Meals in 2 Hours

“Make 15 tasty meals that are good for you in 2 hours and have more free time to do things during the week! Follow along this video-based course that will guide you through the whole meal prepping process at your own pace.”

Regularly $197 for lifetime access - but it comes to $3 here! 🤩

The Confidence Masterclass

“Allow yourself to let go of the worries and negative thoughts that are holding you back. Connect with your best, vibrant self by aligning your spirit and mind to create unshakable confidence in your life choices!”

Regularly $497 for lifetime access - but it comes to $3 here! 🤩

The Manifestation Project

“Live your dream life by breaking this unique manifestation process down with ease. Receive astrological guides and exclusive resources that will help you dig deep into where you want to be and find what your true desires are!”

Regularly $200 for lifetime access - but it comes to $3 here! 🤩

You get lifetime access to every program - so no sweat if you

  • want to take your time going through them

  • don’t have any time to start them until next year (or in 5 years)

  • only want to go through 1 or a few of them

it’s such an amazing steal - let me answer some common questions

What’s included?

30 of the best health & wellness courses by some of the best in the biz like

  • Lauren Scruggs,

  • Sarah Wilson,

  • Jenay Rose, and

  • Emily Hayden (body building champion)

How do I access them?

Once you purchase (here’s the link), you’ll receive an email titled “IMPORTANT - Access to the Health & Wellness Bundle”

the link to access all of the courses is right in there!

When you click on that link, you’ll get a page that looks like this

college nutritionist health & wellness bundle.JPG

Click the “access” button and enter in your specific code (see that pink arrow above?) when you check out of each course

That’s it!

Do I have to go through all of them by a certain time?

You have to register for each course within a year of purchasing the bundle, but that’s it!

You have lifetime access to all courses.

What courses do you recommend in the bundle?

Of course all are AWESOME! But I recommend starting with:

  • Best Body (my program)

  • Stay: A course in Meditation

  • Yoga for Beginners

  • 15 Meals in 2 Hours

  • The Confidence Masterclass

  • The Manifestation Project

I have a question that’s not listed

Post a comment below or email me at

Ok I’m ready to get started! Where do I begin?

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