4 Best, FREE Personality Quizzes for Entrepreneurs

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I LOVE personality quizzes and self help books of all kinds 😂 is anyone else with me?

On a more serious note, understanding yourself - your strengths & weaknesses, and your natural tendencies and nature - can help you focus on where to spend your valuable time as an entrepreneur (and identify which tasks to hire out or give to your Virtual Assistant!). They can even help market your products!

The following quizzes are ones that have helped me immensely and have honestly changed my life. They’re also all free (or free versions of the paid type)!

1. The Four Tendencies

Gretchen Rubin mainly talks about accountability - whether we rely on internal or external accountability to accomplish our goals & form habits. This quiz is useful for entrepreneurs because it can help you identify how much responsibility you want to take on just by yourself.

If you’re an Obliger by her standards (who needs external accountability), you may prefer to hire a coach whom you can work with one on one.

Here is the book her quiz is based on too, if you’re interested.

Here is the quiz

P.S. I’m an obliger! A note with obligers (since that’s a common tendency) - once you internalize your goals, you may not need as much external accountability anymore - which is good for your wallet! :)

2. Money Archetypes

This is a fascinating quiz which helps you identify how you feel about money. It is useful to not only see how you fit in, but also how other feel differently about spending and saving that cash.

Denise Duffield Thomas also talks about how this quiz can help you in your marketing in her recent book.

Identify your top 3 archetypes!

Here are the archetypes

Note: This one is actually just a list of the options instead of a quiz.

P.S. I’m 1) an Accumulator; 2) a Ruler; and 3) the Alchemist. It’s been fascinating to me to learn that not everyone is an accumulator and takes pleasure in saving money! This has really helped me with selling my products.

3. Strengths Finder

I find this one helpful in identifying which tasks I can best focus on while running a team - typically my virtual assistant and any other short term staff or contractors I’m working with.

Here is a free version of the original quiz

P.S. I’m 1) Focus Expert; 2) Strategist; 3) Time Keeper; 4) Empathizer; 5) Thinker

4. Myers Briggs

This is definitely the age old quiz! You likely have taken it already, but it never hurts to revisit. I’ve actually taken this quiz at different times in my life & have gotten different results haha!

Here is a free version of the original quiz


What are your results?? Leave me a comment below!

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