The Best Pinterest Resources

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PLEASE! Do not re-invent the wheel with anything business related…

including Pinterest!

Here are some amazing resources - I’ve gone through a lot of them & these are my faves.

The Simple Pin Podcast

This is the bible! For serious :)

Here it is on Kate’s website & she also links to it on different platforms (e.g. iTunes, etc.)

The Simple Pin Facebook Group

This is the Facebook group by Kate’s same team that produces the Simple Pin podcast - their Facebook group is free and is a great way to connect with other bloggers.

Here it is.


Seriously the best tool for Pinterest

With Tailwind, you can schedule your pins ahead of time - like MONTHS and months (years maybe??) ahead of time, so you can focus your time back on your business!

Here it is:

What I highly recommend for creating pins!

Search for “Pinterest” to find the correct Pin dimensions (it’s 2x3 not the really lonnngggg pins that used to be popular) - as well as all of their free templates to create beautiful pins.

And here’s my blog post for my favorite Canva templates for Pins.

If you need more pictures than the free ones on (if you’re not using the paid version), I highly recommend using Unsplash for great free images!

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