Reading (& Listening) Recommendations

low carb College Nutritionist

Reading books has changed my life.

I have a Bachelors, Masters, and PhD, but I honestly think sometimes that these books have made a bigger impact haha!

Here are the articles, books, and podcasts I recommend for changing your diet for the better and for the long term. They are awesome and will NOT let you down!

I. Low Carb Research (easy to read & understand I promise!)


Books & Documentaries


II. Mindset & Intuitive Eating

Podcast Episodes

  • Brooke Castillo’s podcast - episodes: 7 (Questions to Ask Yourself), 13 (Success vs. Happiness), 14 (Overcoming Anxiety), 15 (Other People’s Opinions), 17 (How to Solve Any Problem), 19 (Thought Management), 26 (The Self Coaching Model), 35 (How to Believe New Things), 36 (Blame vs. Responsibility), 38 (Self-Appreciation), 46 (Self-Worth and Responsibility), 47 (Change and Your Brain), 71 (Weight Loss and Hunger), 243 (Normal Eating?), 248 (Superthinking), 254 (Restriction Love)

  • The Stop Binge Eating Podcast (start at Episode 1!)


III. Habit Change


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