How to Save Money on a Wedding

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Zak & I are getting married!

We’re super excited, but I’d really prefer to NOT spend a million dollars.

I asked on Stories recently about tips for saving $$ on a wedding - here they are! I’m also including some tips I’ve already figured out. Thank you all so much for your recommendations - leave me a comment below if I missed anything!


  • Prioritize what’s important to you and ditch the extras

  • Look up questions to ask your potential vendors ahead of time so you know exactly what you’re getting e.g. this article from TheKnot - Questions to Ask the Band

  • Get married on a weekday, Friday, or Sunday

  • Enter all the contests e.g. at bridal showcases - you can win for example free makeup for the bridal party

  • Collect your change throughout your engagement in a big jar & use it on the honeymoon

  • Try to not use the words “wedding” and “bridal” for purchases

  • Facebook groups sell many once used items e.g. tablecloths, centerpieces, wedding dresses even!

  • Be smart with this one please! Try to pay for things with credit cards where you get good points - then use the points for your honeymoon

Planners, Coordinators

  • Make sure to get a day-of coordinator, but so much is free online that a wedding planner may not be needed

  • However! Hiring a wedding planner can also help you save money throughout the process because they’ll be able to look at contracts and help you spend money wisely

  • Wedding planners sometimes have a “preferred vendors” list available (for free) on their websites - you can search for these lists to see which vendors many planners recommend

Venue, Guest List, Table Settings

  • Invite only your closest friends & family - guest list increases the price quickly

  • DIY as much as you can - place cards, table #s, centerpieces, vases etc. - you can get many things on Amazon and the dollar store that look very nice


  • Check out CostCo, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, florist wholesalers, or other large grocers for flowers and greenery

  • Rent wedding bouquets and boutonnieres (woah did not know you could do this!) e.g. Something Borrowed Blooms

  • Artificial flowers save lots of $

  • Try Bloomerent for using flowers from another wedding the day/night before - which also reduces flower waste!!

Photographers & Photos

  • Don’t skimp on a photographer - photos are what you’re really left with at the end of the day

  • Get your photos as high res images and then print your own album later

  • Many photographers do “mini” sessions for the holidays (Christmas time) - use this for your engagement photos

Invites & Save the Dates

  • Email save the dates instead of snail mail

  • Try Minted - they have big sales all the time

Food & Alcohol

  • If possible, bring in your own alcohol - buy wholesale & you can often return bottles you don’t open

  • Limit alcohol to beer, wine, and signature cocktails instead of having an open bar

  • Use a restaurant caterer instead of a catering company

  • Buffet style is often cheaper than sit-down


  • Get donuts or cupcakes - cheaper than a cake

  • Get your cake at a grocery store - much cheaper than a bakery and can look very nice (specific recommendation for Whole Foods)

  • Have a small cake for display, and then use a sheet cake to serve your guests

The Dress & Accessories

  • Ask to see wedding dresses from last season or “off the rail” at the boutiques - they’re often much cheaper

  • Look on StillWhite for gently used wedding dresses

  • Get a veil and accessories on e.g. Amazon as bridal stories increase the price a lot

Wedding Party (Bridesmaids etc)

  • Have your bridesmaids rent their dresses

  • Have a smaller wedding party or no wedding party

  • To help with alteration costs, try something like Union Station (flat fee for dress - $150 - based on person’s specific measurements)

Gifts for Your Guests

  • Instead of serving your wedding cake at dessert time, have a piece ready to go as your “favor

  • No wedding favors! No one cares or remembers

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