Worth-it Foods to Buy in Single-Serving Packages

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My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to stick to your health goals. 

Choosing certain foods that are already in single-servings can be hugely helpful - I bet even more helpful than you would think.

Here's a list of the foods I think are worth it to purchase in single-serving amounts. 

Of course, if you want to save on packaging / plastic and make individual packages yourself, that’s awesome! Do it as the first thing when you get home from the store.


Guacamole and avocados go brown pretty quickly. Which annoys me!

Trader Joe's has individual servings of guacamole "Guacamole to Go" - which are lifesavers!

Sabra, Wholly Guacamole, and I'm sure other brands, also have their own versions.

Also, the ingredients in these packages are usually pretty clean and minimal, so no worries there.

And! Honestly, the Sabra and Wholly Guacamole packets are easier to eat out of than the Trader Joe's variety πŸ˜‚ so, if you have a choice I'd go with those.



Whether it's string cheese, cheese sticks, or round cheeses in wax, I love getting cheese in these single-serving amounts for ease of portion control. 

My favorites are the Tillamook cheese rectangles and the Trader Joe's fresh mozzarella cheese sticks.


Nuts and Nut Butters

Let's be honest here: it is TOO EASY to overeat delicious nuts and nut butters if we're not controlling the amount.

Have you ever started eating peanut butter straight out of the jar?

Disastrous. Especially when we're stressed out at work or school, or late at night!

Here's a whole article I wrote on my fave nut and nut butter packets, and of course all my fave products are on this page.


Sweets & Desserts

This is a bit of a tricky one, because everyone is satisfied by different dessert types, but I do generally recommend buying dessert in single-serving amounts, again to help us more easily stay on track!

Some of my personal favorites are Trader Joe's 100-calorie "mini" chocolate bars and Dove's mini ice creams (about 70 calories each).

However, you DO need to find what will work specifically for you. If one mini Dove ice cream bar won't satisfy you, you may end up eating 2 or 3 or 4, which negates what we're trying to accomplish!

As always, you do YOU! 

What else do you like to buy in single serving amounts? (Or make your own single-serving containers of?) Leave me a comment!

worth-it foods to buy in single servings

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