Fave NYC Restaurants

(c) Tappo

(c) Tappo

Hey guys hey! I get a lot of questions on my favorite NYC spots - so here are some that come to mind! 

1. Citizens of Chelsea 

The food is great, but really the ambiance of this place is the best! It's decorated floor to ceiling with plants - and the food is delicious! My fave thing to get a plate of sides - smoked salmon, avocado & bacon. 

2. Spunto, Tappo, Posto, Vezzo 

This pizza chain is my absolute favorite! It has whole wheat thin crust - and the toppings are amazingggg. Plus! It's pretty cheap! AND if you buy a bottle of wine (which are pretty inexpensive) you get a free pizza (!!). (That was a 21-year old+ comment friends.) The mushroom pizza on whole wheat thin crust is my go-to. 

3. Chick-Fil-A 

I know I know - this is not a NYC-only restaurant haha. In terms of fast food, this is one of my faves! Zak and I go at least once a month - if you get their calendar in December it comes with a special VIP card to get a free food every month. My fave item to get is their grilled nuggets - which are pretty much impossible to find at any other fast food chain! 

4. Meatball Shop 

You guys know I love my protein & veggies - so The Meatball Shop is one of my fave go-tos. I like to get the "Kitchen Sink" where you can choose which meatballs and sauce you prefer. There are a lot of different meatball options - beef, pork, chicken, and veggie. The veggie sides change pretty frequently. My fave sauce is the Parmesan Cream. 

5. Anywhere with Cucumber-Wrapped Sushi 

Did you guys know you can get cucumber-wrapped (instead of rice) sushi now at a lot of sushi restaurants?? Sometimes it's called "naruto". You can easily cut a lot of carbs and cals this way! 

6. SweetGreen & Fields Good Chicken 

I only want to spend money on a salad if I know it's going to be FILLING! Two of my fave places to go are SweetGreen - I like the Kale Caesar which is low-carb and topped with "Parmesan crisps" (just baked cheese!) instead of croutons. At Fields Good Chicken - I love the Cobb salad

7. Gramercy Bagels 

These bagels are the chewiest, most scrumptious bagels I've found in NYC! I love the whole-wheat everything bagels with the low-calorie smoked salmon cream cheese

8. Chloe's Fruit 

Need a treat? Chloe's frozen fruit "soft serve" is the best feel-good treat for winter and summer. 

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