Best Vending Machine Picks

Low Carb Vending Machine Picks

Of course in a perfect world we’d all be meal prepping fanatics and only eating veggies & chicken, but we are far from perfect! Here are some of my fave vending machine picks for when you’re in a tight spot.

1. If you Need Something to Keep you Full for Hours

Peanut m&ms or Snickers

Are you surprised?? And no this isn’t sponsored :) These are actually 2 of my favorite snacks - they’re (obvi) very tasty, AND filling (since they have good amounts of nuts in them - good protein & fat), AND widely available!

Mixed Nuts or Sunflower Seeds

If you need something to actually tide you over & doesn’t have excess carbs or sugar - this is my #1 pick! Try to pick a pack of nuts that doesn’t also have dried fruit or chocolate. Nuts are incredibly filling sources of protein and fat.

I say “mixed nuts” here, but that’s because that’s what’s typically available. But if there’s, e.g. just peanuts, that is absolutely fine!

Regular Chips

I put regular chips in the “similar to nuts” category actually! If I’m not feeling nuts, I’ll stick with regular chips (not baked, or low-fat chips), which are pretty easy to find in vending machines, gas stations, etc. Even though there’s a lot of carbs & starch in regular potato chips, regular chips have a good amount of fat - which keeps me full!

2. If You Just Need a Little Something

Pretzel m&ms

If you just need something to tide you over for an hour, this is a good option - only 150 calories, and they’re delicious!

Baked chips or Popcorn

This is definitely a carb snack - but it can be a little something to get you through the hour or if you’re studying or working late at night.


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