Hi! I’m so glad you’re here & interested in my online entrepreneur content. Here’s a little background on my timeline -

A year and a half ago I was a pretty broke PhD student living in NYC - working 2 jobs, writing my dissertation, commuting 2 hours each way per day

And in January 2018, just a year & a half ago

I had exactly $0 in my bank account.

I had $0 because I quit my long commute job and invested in a business course that was ALL of my savings (I actually do NOT recommend doing this haha!)

This investment was especially crazy for me, coming from a person who lets a $10 bathroom trashcan sit in her cart on Amazon for months while she thinks about whether or not she reallyyy needs it and continues to carry bathroom trash out to the living room where the big trashcan is 😂 (yes I finally bought that mini trashcan for the bathroom!)

January - April 2018: I was growing rapidly on Instagram and seeing clients who found me that way (here are my secrets to success on Instagram)

May 2018: I finished my PhD (wohoo!)

June & July 2018: Even though I had more time since I wasn't writing my thesis, I was still wayyy too busy since I had so many clients. Yes this is a good problem to have! BUT it made for a pretty poor quality of life (i.e. literally not having time to shower). I knew I needed some passive types of income (eBooks or online courses) in order to take some of the load off. This way, I could also help many more people and stop trading my time for money.

August 2018: I put up the first version of my (now membership) Best Body weight loss course on my website - no big launch or anything

September - December 2019: The course sold pretty well, but I wanted more reliable income from month to month

January 2019: I launched a subscription version of my Best Body program

May 2019: After many testimonials and improving the functionality of Best Body, I increased the price

June 2019: I put up my first eBook in my automated email sequence encouraging people to try Best Body

August 2019: At this point in 2019 - I've more than quadrupled (4x) my annual income from 2017, I can spend time with friends, sleep 8 hours per night, go to yoga, have time to plan my wedding. And most importantly, I'm really, really happy.

I want to make some things very clear:

1. I am a super, duper NORMAL person

2. I am NOT in any way an expert marketer

3. I did NOT spend lots of money on web designers, graphic designers, copywriters, etc. Like I said above - I'm a fairly stingy person, and like to have MINIMAL expenses at all times! 😉

Even though this timeline is pretty short,

it can be even shorter for you

I had a lot of set backs - I got into a negative mindset, I didn't launch my products in the optimal way, etc...

I can't wait for you to learn from my mistakes and not reinvent the wheel!

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