Learn How to Lose Unwanted Pounds and Feel Fantastic in Your Body


without feeling hungry or unsatisfied,

without buying strange foods,

and without spending hours at the gym.

rachel paul college nutritionist

Hey guys! It's me, Rachel.  When I was in high school, college, and the first few years after college, I was SO confused with what to eat. I also yo-yo'ed a good 15 pounds during those years. I tried every diet - the cabbage soup diet (for 2 hours), a vegan diet, super restrictive diets, and also crazy diets that I made up in my head, like trying to eat a mountain of lasagna and nothing else the rest of the day, or eating ONLY fruits and vegetables.

As a result, all I did was think about food, my life revolved around what to eat and when to eat it - and meanwhile, nothing was working!! I was very unhappy with how I looked and didn't know what to do to change it. Clearly, I was a bit of a mess! 

I became a dietitian in 2013, and as they say... the rest is history! As I started counseling clients in weight loss, I figured out how to tailor strategies to each individual person. These strategies have worked wonders for me -  I have successfully been at this healthy, low weight myself for the past 5 years - and I enjoy SO MUCH helping my clients get to their ideal weight in FUN, TASTY ways. 

My approach is very realistic and tailored to YOU - what foods you like and don't like, what grocery stores you have access to, whether or not you'll cook most of your meals or eat them out. I will help YOU be the absolute best version of yourself.

Here's what people are saying

KRISTIN B. FROM Manhattan Beach, CA

"I started my journey with Rachel to help foster a healthy attitude towards food. After working with her I am much more confident in myself, my decision making capabilities and no longer carry a burdensome ‘food thought obsession’. Food is fuel and fun again – I can’t thank Rachel enough or more highly recommend her."

Jessica F. from New York, NY

"I approached Rachel for help with weight loss and a healthy approach to eating. I was surprised to learn so more about myself and my body in the process. I learned that I had so many ingrained and maladaptive food rules that made me gain weight while trying to diet and “be healthy”. I quickly learned that I can eat what I love and tune into my body and actually not gain weight even while eating high caloric foods. I was introduced to intuitive eating and it’s something I’m continuing to learn about in an effort to keep a low healthy body weight while loving my eating choices. Rachel was kind and compassionate and always available for a quick question and support. She is highly knowledgeable and therefore doesn’t buy into all the food rules other nutritionists do. Highly recommended!"

Brianna W. From Fullerton, CA

"Rachel is simply awesome. I contacted Rachel after gaining a good amount of weight during college and after about a year of trying to lose weight I wasn't able to stick to any meal plan or hold myself accountable with any diets I tried. She built a plan specific to my likes, dislikes, and goals and above all else armed me with real world useful and specific tools. Rachel was a consummate professional (punctual, responsive, thorough) while maintaining a relationship that felt more like a good friend who roots for your success and doesn't judge you. Rachel empowered me throughout our time together and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

Caroline C. from New York, NY 

"I was never unhappy with my weight until I went to college, where I gained at least 15 pounds by the end of my freshman year; ice cream and pizza became my crutch whenever I was stressed or anxious. I approached Rachel because, for three years, I tried losing the weight on my own and had no success. Rachel helped me by creating a plan specific to my likes, schedule, and tendencies. The result was I lost nearly 15 pounds in three months, regained my self-confidence, and had more energy. I would recommend Rachel to anyone, but especially college students are struggling to cultivate healthy habits on their own (and on a budget). Thanks to Rachel, I feel so much better myself and my relationship with food!"

DAPHNE T. from greenville, MS

"Right away, I found Rachel to be very down to earth and approachable, very knowledgeable, with a very sunny and optimistic personality! Her help with meal planning helped me to lose 10 pounds in approximately 8 weeks, without feeling like I was starving! I highly recommend Rachel to anyone who needs guidance and accountability on their journey to tackle those stubborn pounds!"

rachel paul college nutritionist

Lena M. From New York, NY

"I can’t emphasize how much Rachel changed my life. When I decided to reach out to her, I was at the point of not caring about weight, but just wanting to fix my obviously broken relationship with food. Rachel really listened to what I was and wasn’t interested in, gave me an easy food structure to follow, and most of all cared about my overall wellness, not just what I was eating. That said, she did provide the most useful and actionable food tips, healthy life habits, and resources. At the end of it, I really do feel like I trust myself with food again, I enjoy eating and treating myself occasionally, and I also ended up losing weight as a by-product of this process!"

Heather K. from New York, NY

"In high school, I was always been able to balance my appetite and weight. But now in college, I’ve found myself in a body I  don't recognize. With Rachel's help, I’ve been able to refocus my eating habits. I am finally seeing results."

Elizabeth from New York, NY

"I had started to lose some weight on my own, but hit a plateau that I couldn't overcome. I scheduled a free consultation with Rachel, and the rest is history! I greatly enjoyed our meetings and the fact that I could text her throughout the day for help. I definitely felt like Rachel was my coach and my friend. I learned so many helpful tips that DID lead to weight loss. I feel equipped to continue to lose weight and maintain a weight where I feel at my best. I'd recommend Rachel to people who feel like they need that extra accountability and guidance to shed those pesky few pounds that keep them from feeling at their best. Thank you Rachel!!"

My Signature Coaching Program

is for women who want to lose excess weight (and keep that weight off for good!), tailored to what foods you like and your lifestyle








to get your to your ideal weight in a healthy, sustainable way


rachel paul college nutritionist


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rachel paul college nutritionist

Look forward to...

Feeling confident in your body

Having single serving MEALS BASED ON YOUR Preferences & LIFESTYLE

Feeling full & satisfied

Saving money on food

Feeling great in your clothes

Snacking smart while working or studying late at nighT

Enjoying time with friends not worrying about food

Who is this Program for?

College students AND young professionals (20s and 30s)

Women who work well with accountability 

Women who are motivated by seeing results

Women who work well with a plan in place

Women who want to be able to eat foods they love and not feel deprived

Those in the US or Canada


Who is this Program NOT for?

High school students

Collegiate professional athletes 

Those who have an eating disorder or are in recent recovery

Those who want to become underweight/ get to an unhealthy (too-low) weight 

Those outside the US or Canada

Those who follow a vegan diet (who don't eat any animal protein)

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rachel paul college nutritionist

About Rachel 

I have coached hundreds of women, and have seen huge success with my clients, not only losing weight (anywhere from 5 to more than 60 pounds) but also improving their relationships with food and creating long-term habits for healthy lives.

I tailor my strategies to each individual to help her lose the desired amount of weight and keep that excess weight off. 

My undergraduate and master's degrees in nutrition were from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio, and my PhD in Nutrition & Behavior Change is from Columbia University in NYC. I love research, and I love applying what I learn to my clients - how to best help them change their habits and achieve their goals. 

You can also follow me along on Instagram as "The College Nutritionist" (more than 330,000 followers!).